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The University of Malaya Library strives to improve services to its users by working with its digital resources to enhance access and functionality.

interaktif is a user-driven, customizable information service. interaktif allows you to create a personalized portable Web page listing information resources available from the Library.

interaktif has more than 100,000 subject based Web links to resources as follows:-

  1. 100+ on-line databases
  2. 28,000+ e-Journals
  3. 90,000+ e-Books
  4. 3,000+ selected Web resources
  5. and more, all available in one place.
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News & Announcements

  1. Articles of Interest - Patterns of co-authorship and research collaboration in Malaysia by Yu Cheng Ming, Wah Hen Kai, Piew Tan Hoi, Fai Fok Kuk. Aslib Proceedings 2013 65:6, 659-674 | Posted: 14-11-2014
  2. Beall’s List: Potential, possible, or probable predatory scholarly open-access publishers | Posted: 14-6-2014
  3. Temporary Relocation of The Medical Library Collections and Services To The Dental Library, Balai Ungku Aziz | Posted: 3-10-2013
  4. Latest on Media Collection & Services | Posted: 21-9-2012
  5. Online Databases Remote Access Limitation | Posted: 20-3-2012
New On-line Databases
  1. American Physical Society (APS) Journals
    Consists of the following titles:-
    1. Physical Review Applied
    2. Physical Review A- ...
    3. Wiley e-Books
      Wiley Online Books combine quality content with the convenience, accessibility and enhanced function ...
    4. EBSCO Discovery Service
      EBSCO Discovery Service brings together the most comprehensive collection of content—including super ...
    5. Incites Essential Science Indicators
      Essential Science Indicators is a unique compilation of performance statistics and trends extrapolat ...
    6. Incites Journal Citation Reports
      The Journal Citation Reports module within InCites allows you to evaluate and compare journals using ...
New e-Journals
  1. mUX: The Journal of Mobile User Experience; ISSN 2196-873X | On SpringerOpen
  2. Zoological Studies; ISSN 1810-522X | On SpringerOpen
  3. Translational Respiratory Medicine; ISSN 2213-0802 | On SpringerOpen
  4. The Journal of Chinese Sociology; ISSN 2198-2635 | On SpringerOpen
  5. The HUGO Journal; ISSN 1877-6566 | On SpringerOpen
New e-Books
  1. Transforming the culture of dying: the work of the Project on Death in America /David Clark and Gara LaMarche.
    ISBN 9780199344925 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  2. Brain imaging: what it can (and cannot) tell us about consciousness /Robert G. Shulman.
    ISBN 9780199345373 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  3. The emotional power of music /Tom Cochrane, Bernardino Fantini, and Klaus R. Scherer.
    ISBN 9780191762871 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  4. Digital government at work: a social informatics perspective /Ian McLoughlin, Rob Wilson, and Mike Martin.
    ISBN 9780191761232 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  5. Knowledge, organization, and management: building on the work of Max Boisot /John Child and Martin Ihrig.
    ISBN 9780191749346 | On Oxford Scholarship Online