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The University of Malaya Library strives to improve services to its users by working with its digital resources to enhance access and functionality.

interaktif is a user-driven, customizable information service. interaktif allows you to create a personalized portable Web page listing information resources available from the Library.

interaktif has more than 100,000 subject based Web links to resources as follows:-

  1. 100+ on-line databases
  2. 28,000+ e-Journals
  3. 90,000+ e-Books
  4. 3,000+ selected Web resources
  5. and more, all available in one place.
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News & Announcements

  1. Zika Virus on a Spreading Spree: what we now know that was unknown in the 1950’s by Rupsa Basu and Ebenezer Tumban. Virology Journal 2016 13:165 | Posted: 18-10-2016
  2. What Are Predatory Open Access Journals And Why Should We Worry? | Posted: 13-10-2016
  3. Online Databases Remote Access Limitation | Posted: 20-3-2012
New On-line Databases
  1. 1Science On Trial (Expiry: 29/12/2016)
    A purpose-designed discovery system for open access scholarly and research papers in all fields, all ...
  2. DynaMed Plus On Trial (Expiry: 31/12/2016)
    DynaMed Plus™ is the clinical reference tool that physicians go to for answers to clinical questions ...
  3. Bentham Science Journals On Trial (Expiry: 31/1/2017)
    Bentham Science is a major STM journal publisher of 100 plus peer-reviewed print and online scientif ...
New e-Journals
  1. Islam and Civilisational Renewal; ISSN 2041–871X | On Direct Access e-Journals
  2. Journal for Multicultural Education; ISSN 2053-535X | On Emerald
  3. Journal of Surgical Education; ISSN 1931-7204 | On ScienceDirect®
  4. TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies; ISSN 1920-0323 | On Direct Access e-Journals
  5. Journal of Psychiatry; ISSN 2378-5756 | On Direct Access e-Journals
New e-Books
  1. Institutions and social mobilization: the Chinese education movement in Malaysia, 1951-2011 / Ang, Ming Chee
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2015 ISBN 9789814459983 | On ISEAS e-Books
  2. Bureaucracy and development: reflections from the Indonesian water sector / Suhardiman, Diana
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2015 ISBN 9789814459709 | On ISEAS e-Books
  3. Southeast Asians and the Asia-Europe meeting (ASEM): state's interests and institution's longevity / Fitriani, Evi
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2014 ISBN 9789814459501 | On ISEAS e-Books
  4. Regional dynamics in a decentralized Indonesia / Hill, Hal
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2014 ISBN 9789814459846 | On ISEAS e-Books
  5. Liem sioe liong's salim group: the business pillar of suharto's Indonesia / Borsuk, Richard;Chng, Nancy
    Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, 2014 ISBN 9789814459570 | On ISEAS e-Books