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The University of Malaya Library strives to improve services to its users by working with its digital resources to enhance access and functionality.

interaktif is a user-driven, customizable information service. interaktif allows you to create a personalized portable Web page listing information resources available from the Library.

interaktif has more than 100,000 subject based Web links to resources as follows:-

  1. 100+ on-line databases
  2. 28,000+ e-Journals
  3. 90,000+ e-Books
  4. 3,000+ selected Web resources
  5. and more, all available in one place.
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News & Announcements

  1. Online Databases Remote Access Limitation | Posted: 20-3-2012
New On-line Databases
  1. Cogent OA
    Cogent OA publishes a series of fully open access journals across all disciplines. ...
  2. International Academic Journals Network (Ijournet) On Trial (Expiry: 2/8/2017) is a vast collection of interdisciplinary academic & research journals covered under 23 su ...
  3. e-Law Database On Trial (Expiry: 30/6/2018)
    Case Law: eLaw's digital library houses more than 60,000 judgments from the Industrial Court, High C ...
  4. The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)
  5. New England Journal of Medicine
New e-Journals
  1. Islam and Civilisational Renewal; ISSN 2041–871X | On Direct Access e-Journals
  2. Journal for Multicultural Education; ISSN 2053-535X | On Emerald
  3. Journal of Surgical Education; ISSN 1931-7204 | On ScienceDirect®
  4. TranscUlturAl: A Journal of Translation and Cultural Studies; ISSN 1920-0323 | On Direct Access e-Journals
  5. Journal of Psychiatry; ISSN 2378-5756 | On Direct Access e-Journals
New e-Books
  1. Towards Another Reason / Demmer
    ISBN 9780199466818 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  2. No Shortcuts / McAlevey
    ISBN 9780190624712 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  3. Reengineering India / Upadhya
    ISBN 9780199461486 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  4. Migration Matters / Gollerkeri, Chhabra
    ISBN 9780199464807 | On Oxford Scholarship Online
  5. Stories Without Borders / Sonnevend
    ISBN 9780190604301 | On Oxford Scholarship Online